What People Are Saying About Focus on Nature

Tamara, Director of Education- Wellington Catholic District School Board, says...

“Focus on Nature is an extraordinary program that has impacted numerous students and staff across our district. The children in Wellington Catholic District School Board schools continue to enjoy the photography workshops in junior division classrooms and teachers and parents alike have big praise for the experiences of the children.

The program has many curriculum connections to the arts as well as curriculum extensions. This is quality experiential learning. Students are actively engaged in the learning process, discover their strengths and deepen their appreciation for the beauty of creation.

I have the deepest respect for the program and enthusiastically endorse the continued efforts and expansion of Focus on Nature to other districts and schools.”

A Bruce Trail Public School Student says...

“What i liked about focus on nature is that you could take a pictures of anything that you wanted and it was so much fun and you could use whatever you wanted to take a pictures but i had to be nature and it was the best thing i did this year so far and i also like the editing part a lot to the editing part was what i liked the most.”

Yvonne, a School Principal says...

“I can’t think of a better way to raise a new generation of “nature stewards” than to immerse children in a beautiful setting, turn them loose with cameras and then nurture their awe at the beautiful pictures they’ve captured once they are back in their classrooms.

This program has them begging for more!”

Nicole, a Teacher says...

“Your photography tutorials and nature lessons have been very inspiring. This time during distance learning we all needed these lessons as a positive focus.”

Kathleen , a Teacher says...

“I love this program. It's a great mix of learning, exploring and experiencing. They always love the nature hike to take their pictures and see new cool things. The photo editing is always really great too. The end product that students have is a great way to do an extension activity of assessment for learning.”

Monique, a Teacher says...

“Providing an outdoor educational experience that explores their personal creativity through photography. Students are engaged, with opportunities for all students to feel successful. Activities require reflection, thought and connections to the elements of design. The students are very proud of their photographs. For many of my students, this is the first opportunity they have had to really explore photography.”

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