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Frequently Asked Questions

Students are encouraged to utilize any technology available to them to take their photos, whether it be a cell phone, point and shoot camera, or a DSLR. We have a Camera Tips Lesson  giving tips and instructions to students on how to use the technology available to them to take fantastic nature photos.

The Elements of Design course includes 8 lessons and 2 additional videos for Camera Tips and Photo Editing. Lessons begin with a “minds on question” followed by an engaging video. Each lesson is accompanied by a photography challenge that relates to that lesson, as well as a “check in” activity where students apply their knowledge and share their artwork. At the end of the course, students will complete a cumulative project to reflect on the Elements of Design and their photography as a whole. Teachers also have access to various extension activities related to the arts, math, science, language, social studies, and physical education curriculum.

This program dives deeper into the Elements of Design, giving students a more hands-on experience of not only art and photography but also math, geography, and the environment.

With informative videos and check in activities, this program is a great addition to the current Grade 4-6 curriculum.

Our course aligns with the Ontario Visual Arts Curriculum for grade 4-6, and addresses the fundamental concepts of the Elements of Design. Our course can be used to teach the full visual arts curriculum, or as supplemental material. Teachers can easily adapt this program to fit their provinces’ curriculum. Our French course aligns with the listening and writing competencies in the Ontario French as a Second Language Curriculum: French Immersion for grades 4-6, and can be used as a supplemental tool to practise French oral and written communication skills.
All of our courses are available in both English and French. This includes lessons, check ins, and associated lesson materials.
No. Teachers will have access to everything on the website including extension activities and additional resources. Students will only have access to the course material.
Teachers and students do not need any prior knowledge of photography. We would recommend watching the Camera Tips lesson if you want to try and help your students with the functions. And the Photo Editing lesson is good to watch before helping the students edit their photos.
Yes! Anyone can purchase this program to share with their kids. Whether you’re a teacher, educator, or a homeschooling parent this program will help connect your child to nature, while learning about the world of photography and art.

Online Lessons Available Now

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