How long is the subscription?

The subscription lasts for one school year. You would need to get a new subscription after that. We will continue to improve things over the years as well to offer more for those continuing to come back again and again!

Is photography knowledge necessary to participate?

Teachers and students do not need any prior knowledge of photography. We would recommend watching the Camera Tips lesson if you want to try and help your students with the functions. And the Photo Editing lesson is good to watch before helping the students edit their photos.

What type of camera do students need?

Students are encouraged to utilize any technology available to them to take their photos, whether it be a cell phone, tablet, point and shoot camera, or a DSLR. We have a Camera Tips Lesson giving tips and instructions to students on how to use the technology available to them to take fantastic nature photos.

Can I use this in my homeschool?

Yes! Anyone can purchase this program to share with their kids. Whether you’re a teacher, educator, or a homeschooling parent this program will help connect your child to nature, while learning the world of photography and art.

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