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Our Story

Focus on Nature is an Ontario Non-profit Corporation and Registered Charity that provides school workshops, camps, and online programming that uses photography to engage young people in the exploration of the natural world around them. To learn more about our school workshops and camps, visit

Our online courses provide  creative, interdisciplinary tools for teachers to engage students in outdoor learning, and enrich curriculum-based instruction. With a focus on the grade 3-10 curriculum, there are ample experiential learning opportunities for students to acquire creative, technical and critical skills in photography.

With an easy to navigate website and lesson plans, Focus on Nature Online will have your students on their way to being budding photographers in no time. This program will support young people’s confidence and self-esteem by giving them opportunities to express their creativity and share their artistic achievements with their peers and community.

Focus on Nature Online is a nationwide program that welcomes the participation of all teachers and students.

Our Team


Simon Bell

To me, Focus on Nature gives everyone a fresh perspective on the world. It’s all about sharing new ways of connecting communities with nature through the art of photography.
Favourite Hiking Spot:
   Bronte Creek, Ontario

Natalie Verschueren

To me, Focus on Nature means providing young people with meaningful opportunities to explore nature and connect with their creativity.
Favourite Hiking Spot
   Hoggs Falls in Grey Highlands, Ontario

Caitlin Pace

To me, Focus on Nature means getting to enjoy the outdoors so much more and discovering things I hadn’t noticed before!
Favourite Hiking Spot:
   Spring Valley Trail in Ancaster, Ontario

Taylor Bulstrode

To me, Focus on Nature means providing the opportunity for communities to explore their surrounding natural areas and find a new perspective in nature!
Favourite Hiking Spot:
   Watson Loop in Guelph, Ontario

Gill Gawron

To me, Focus on Nature means helping kids experience the joy of discovery—both of the beauty of their natural surroundings, and of their own skill and creativity!
Favourite Hiking Spot:
   The Frost in Haliburton, Ontario

Brittany Barton

To me, Focus on Nature means taking a look at the world through a different lens and offering that same opportunity to future generations to ensure a more eco-conscious world.
Favourite Hiking Spot:
   Sanctuary Park in Dundas, Ontario

Our Impact

Results from a program evaluation
conducted by the University of Guelph.
FON Infographic 2018

Download the full Program Evaluation.

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